Wednesday, November 20, 2013

You're just as sane as I am

In a former post I had surmised that the EMA's Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) would determine by year end whether or not they'd keep Iclusig in the European Market or if they'd attempt to drown it like the FDA was because they think ponatinib is a witch. It was my opinion that following the PRAC decision recommending to keep Iclusig on the market, that CHMP would deem Iclusig worthy of dying a noble death (13 years from now when its patent runs out) instead of swinging its adolescent feet from the deathly hallows or aspirating fetid pond water with its hands bound behind its back. Maybe being a witch isn't so bad though. Invisibility cloaks, flying cars, portals, horcruxes and whatnot. Not to mention butterbeer and gillywater with chipolatas in the Great hall. Where do I sign up?

After PACE and EPIC, it's unlikely that Iclusig will ever turn out to be Harry Potter, but maybe Iclusig is more like Luna Scamander (née Lovegood); "odd" but benevolent, open-minded, serene, and unique. Cast your stones at "Loony Lovegood." You can ridicule her and hide her things, but she knows her shoes will turn up again. She may not have many friends but she is very loyal to the few friends she has.

As it turns out, we may not have to wait until year end to find out whether the EMA still believes in witches. It appears that CHMP may have dusted off the Hogwart's sorting cap and is determining this week if Iclusig should reside with Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Surrey with Vernon Dursley. If I am correct, and CHMP is reviewing Iclusig at this week's meeting, we'll know a full four weeks in advance of the December meeting it would have been be reviewed at and give it some legs to run into ASH.

If that is indeed the case Ariad may cast a full corporeal Patronus (in the shape of a massive differentiating monocyte of course) as early as this Friday November 22nd, to protect it from the Dementors at the FDA's OHOP. As the Lethifolds hover threateningly above Iclusig, this Friday November 22nd CHMP will release the meeting highlights from their review, which is scheduled to conclude this Thursday, and Ariad may swish and flick an "Expecto Patronum".

The next three weeks should prove to be catalytic to say the least. With CHMP review likely hitting this Friday, and 46 abstracts for ponatinib at ASH (7 oral, 39 posters) it may be a good time to join Ariad's  Order of the Phoenix.

In the interim, Ariad just needs to remember that although people may not want to sit in the same compartment as Luna or that jokesters may steal her shoes, it doesn't bother her. Recent developments in the story of Iclusig have created a tremendous opportunity and I am happy to share a ride to Hogwarts or walk barefoot with Luna.

To quote Luna:

I think I'll just go down and have some pudding and wait for it all to turn up - it always does in the end.

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