Friday, July 25, 2014

Protection against floss

Earlier this week Maureen Farrell reported that William Kelly Jr., a VP at Hartford Financial Services Group had some choice words for Herbalife following Bill Ackman's death by 1,000 yawns presentation (excerpt below):

Speaking at the sidelines of Mr. Ackman’s latest presentation about Herbalife, Mr. Kelly said he had been wary about providing the coverage because of his skepticism about how Herbalife generated its revenue.

What I found particularly interesting about the brief report was the following comment posted the next morning:

In the above article, Mr. Kelly was speaking on his own behalf, not on behalf of The Hartford. 

As of today, Mr. Kelly has reportedly been released from his position at the Hartford for his comments about Herbalife. This report has not yet been confirmed by The Hartford or by Mr. Kelly although I attempted to reach both for comment.

If this report is in fact true it would lead me to believe that The Hartford not only views Herbalife as insurable, but probably as insured.

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