Monday, March 17, 2014

My Body Started Post-Partum Fat

While trying to stay apprised of developments for the direct sales industry in China and in anticipation of Nu Skin's 10K expected tomorrow, I came across a couple interesting nuggets of information I'd missed recently.

In news recently posted to their Chinese website on March 14th and March 7th  a few things caught my eye.

  1. The company will continue to host its anti-aging Expo in mainland China during the entire month of March.
  2. Nu Skin management is now represented in the Hong Kong Professionals and Senior Executives Association.
  3. The company released  March and April operating hours for it's business hotline
  4. The company has continued releasing promotional materials in March as it had in February
  5. Although they noted a previously schedule training period was postponed, the company noted that Greater China stores were operating normally
I'd have to believe that the online anti-aging expo would be extremely easy for the Chinese authorities to shut down if they were about to destroy the company and the direct sales industry in China. We're halfway through march and the Expo is still on.
After the Chinese authorities decided to look into Nu Skin, the HKPSEA still chose to elect the company's management to it's members; why would they do this if the Party wanted distance? Testimonials from the company continues to be released; again another item that seems like it'd be easily squashed by the authorities. Nu Skin has stated that is operating normally and based on release of scheduling into April, will continue to operate normally in China.

Could this all be an indication that things are returning to normal for Nu Skin in China? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Another thing I came across in my research was that Chinese pole dancing is not what you'd expect.

Redefine Beautiful Mind

─ ─ Guopei Hua

My body started postpartum fat, always wanted to restore the past slim stature, it has failed to achieve.
Through restart life plan, I began to diet, lifestyle adjustments and with moderate exercise, beautiful waist lines and reproduce. Now, with my body become healthier, more pleasant mood, I finally regain confidence on the body.

Note: The above case is purely to share experience of the respondents do not represent the views of the company.Effect of the product may vary, and with age, ethnicity, family, the environment and the skin condition and other factors.

(note, the above is a google translation. I'm sure it is actually much more eloquent in Mandarin)

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