Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I Wonder If She'll Sign Her Parole Application ""

Out of all the sections the NY Post has the one they seem to be most conspicuously missing is "LEGAL". It's a shame because it sure could have helped Bill Ackman, Michelle Celarier and Richard Wilner sort through some of the ramifications they will likely be dealing with, if they aren't already.

For all of the refutations Celarier has provided claiming that she downloaded her Senator Markey letters from Senator Markey's website, the data seems to be incongruous with her claims.

Let's just check off the list.

Senator Markey's servers are hosted in Cambridge, MA and the server time is set to -5GMT, or what we all know as Eastern Standard Time.

So when his server kicks back the info that the letters he was hosting on his website were last modified around 09:45am (before Reuters picked up the story) anyone that downloaded the letters from his website would have the same exact copies I just downloaded again. They were all last modified around 09:45am EST. I ran this query at 5:31:23 EST tonight and you can see, Markey servers kicked back 22:31:23 as their server time. And they're running Apache (I can hear webmasters everywhere groan).

So, if Celarier had in fact downloaded those letters from Markey's site they'd look exactly the same as the one you can download right this instance.

I'm of the opinion that John Hempton is not defaming Celarier in any way as it's obvious she didn't get her documents from the Markey website. Bill is going to be PISSED when he realizes the documents she posted to her NY Post article are clearly labeled with "" as the author. OOPS! I have to agree with John Hempton that Celarier must be mistaken with respect to her sources again.

Looks like they were so busy spinning their webs together that they may have to eat each other for lunch! I hope they serve Herbalife snacks in Sing Sing, which is a short drive for both of them.

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